Civil Defender - Texas Guardian Handgun Training Program
Classes year round

We provide handgun training for school staff members who have been selected to carry a concealed handgun on campus.
Just holding a concealed license is not enough. The concealed class does not contain any handgun training. Those who
pass this program will receive State level certification as a Guardian and will be certified through the DPS school safety
program. We evaluate students during the class to insure they can perform the duties if required. We provide a report to
the Superintendent or authorized person.

The Guardian program for schools encompasses the most important solutions needed to combat today's active shooter
threat. The training provides school staff the confidence needed in order to protect and defend students in the event of an
intruder, active shooter or other terror attack.

We encourage schools to assess their current safety & security procedures through our safety & security audit. The audit
will help schools see where they need to improve and/or if their standards are up to the current methods and practices.
A written report is provided with findings and suggestions for improvement.

What Makes Our Active Shooter Training For Schools Program Outstanding
We provide schools with strategies for empowering staff to eliminate feelings of helplessness in the face of violent intruders.
Our team of current law enforcement officers, retired military personnel, and emergency management experts apply their
knowledge to these training programs. Our founder, Jeff Sellers is the creator of the Texas Guardian Program.

Our instructors make our program outstanding. They have been selected for their experience as officers and their
firsthand experience working with schools. They possess experience in developing emergency lockdown drill procedures,
providing feedback for drills, changing policies to improve police response to schools. Our team’s experience, combined
with a calm,  yet deliberate approach is unparalleled to any other active shooter training for schools in the nation.

Active Shooter Training for Schools Conducted by Police Departments
You may hear active shooter training for schools being conducted by police departments in the news. Articles and video
footage showcase what officers and other first responders do during a live drill. Teachers and sometime students or
and the community because it:
•        gives first responders the chance to practice their response skills; and
•        familiarizes first responders with the layout of the school’s campus.

However, this training primarily benefits the response efforts of trained first responders and offers limited benefits to the
school staff who are more likely to respond to an incident first. Make no mistake- this type of training should be encouraged
when conducted appropriately. However, active shooter training conducted for first responders should not supplement
training for school staff.

Preparing Today for a Safer Tomorrow
On average, an active shooter incident lasts 10-15 minutes, including the beginning of the attack to the time the threat is
eliminated. Ten to fifteen minutes with explosives, guns, or other weapons is a long time to have access to victims.
According to American Police Beat, in 2014, the national average for police emergency response time was 10 minutes. In rural
areas the average response time is between 25 & 45 minutes.

Our civil defender training program for schools program was influenced by major mass killing incidents in schools.
Our teachers and staff are the first line of defense. They become the true first responders in protecting the students and
themselves from violent attacks.

The threat of violence against our schools is real, we pray that nobody must ever face this situation. There is no way to
be 100% prepared for an active killer or active shooter situation but you can be a prepared as possible to protect the
lives of your staff and students by acquiring knowledge and training in advanced handgun and classroom education.

Our lead instructor is a Texas DPS trained and licensed firearms instructor with 25 years of handgun and self defense
instruction experience. Schools On Target is a registered consultant for the Texas Safe Schools Program, our instructors are
DPS trained and licensed. Other instructors include professionally trained, retired law enforcement and Military experience.

Those who attend this class must have their Texas LTC. If you have a need to take the LTC class we do offer it but you will
need to apply with DPS asap. This will speed up the process with DPS. You have up to a year to take the LTC class after you
apply for the LTC with DPS.

Students will need to supply their own handgun, we prefer students use the handgun they will be carrying.  Students will
also need a Sepra locking holster or similar holster, 2 magazines for their handgun, dual magazine pouch, hearing
protection, shooting or sun glasses and 350 rounds of FMJ target ammunition per student. Plan to buy ammo now, please do
not wait until the week of your class to purchase ammo. We recommend extra ammo for warm up.

Students must qualify and shoot a 220 score out of 250 on the 2nd day to proceed to the rest of the training.  Students who
complete this program will receive state level certification as a Guardian and School Safety Certification (Department of Public

PROGRAM DETAILS - training program - All training is conducted at our facility outside Marble Falls, Texas.

Day 1 (Classroom) - Each class has a 12 person limit
This day is all classroom and is designed to provide the necessary training for those who will carry a handgun concealed on
campus. Includes; What’s wrong with society, Safety & security team, Wolves, sheep and sheep dogs, Protecting yourself
legally,Carrying considerations, Active shooter data, The active shooter, Avoid, Deny, Defend, Safety & Security, Mental
health, Arming to defend against a threat, Brain and body disconnect, law enforcement/Police response, Introduction to basic
handgun, First Aid & Trauma intro, Recovery from an event. We also include a 2 hour self defense, grappling session with our
Jiu Jitsu instructors.

Day 2 (Classroom & Range)
Students will qualify, shoot 220 out of 250 prior to further instruction on the range. Students will learn defensive handgun
techniques through dynamic shooting.  Students will also learn tactical trauma techniques for gunshot and other major
injuries.  A written test will also be administered. This is a live fire class. Students are encouraged to bring 50-100 extra rounds
for a timed and scored event at the end of the day. Students are required to go through the course once, but often students
like to run through the coarse several times which builds skill.

Students must supply their own handgun, holster, 2 magazines, magazine pouch, hearing protection, eye protection and at
least 350 rounds of FMJ ammunition.
No reloads or steel cased ammo are permitted.
Lunch is provided on training days.

Marble Falls has several nice hotels and restaurants.

Program cost - $800.00 per student if you have 3 or more people from your district, otherwise $1,000.00 per
3 student minimum to make a class.
A PO for the full amount is required as well as 100% of payment to book your date.
Those who pass will be School Safety certified by DPS. This training is state recognized.

Texas Law Authorizing Carry

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