Ransomware and other cyber attacks cost organizations time and money not to mention the loss of data. With remote access and ongoing cyber warfare, having a secure network is critical.

Schools On Target has experience with school networks, systems, protocols and procedures. Our goal is to assess how today's cyber attacks can impact your organization and better defend your enterprise. We accomplish this several ways through blue team and simulated red team approaches.
A blue team is a group of individuals who perform an analysis of information systems to ensure security, identify security flaws, verify the effectiveness of each security measure, and to make certain all security measures will continue to be effective after implementation. A red team is a group that plays the role of an enemy, and provides security feedback from that perspective.


Framework & 46 Point Requirements

We can assist you with meeting the State's 46 point matrix requirements.

Adversarial Simulation

Our Network Specialists conduct tests that evade detection and employ every legal and in-scope method available to access and asses your network while mimicking the threat that illegal actors use to target schools.

Cybersecurity Framework Review & Planning

This includes the State's 46 point matrix, policies and incident response.

Penetration Testing

We analyze your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors from external, internal and web applications.

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Our team will identify, classify, prioritize, assist in remediation, and mitigate software vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Report

Upon completion of blue and red team testing we will provide you with a report which will detail findings and provide suggestions for improvement. We can provide a proposal to add any features if your district dos not have the capabilities for IT related upgrades internally.

Recovery, Remediation, Mitigation

In the event of an attack our team can assist you with recovery in the event of a cyber attack in order to get your network and services operational.

We suggest this service to be conducted at least once per semester, four times per year is highly recommended.