Texas School Guardian Program - Scenario Training

This training is held on your school campus

An important part of our Guardian training is conducting scenario training on your campus with simulation firearms and ammunition. Our firearms are modified from the manufacturer to propel .40 cal. paintballs at 350-400 fps.

This training provides live fire training on your campus utilizing simunitions and brings home the reality to the Guardians. We provide different scenarios for students to go through. Each scenario includes a briefing and debriefing after each exercise. It is important to go through this training to enable Guardians to learn how to respond on their campuses and work with other Guardians.

Your school students are not a part of this training. This training is for Guardians only. We teach Guardians to seek out and stop the threat. Cost is $3,500. per day + travel. Includes training for all Guardians on your campus.

Scenario Training Video