Training Seminars

Our training services are designed to meet the changing needs of today's threats.

Emergency Preparedness / Active Shooter Seminar
This seminar is packed full of information suitable for school district staff. The seminar
typically lasts 2 ½. Training is conducted by one of our emergency management experts
through a powerpoint presentation.

We typically speak for an hour and then break for a 15-20 minute restroom and coffee
break. Upon returning from the break we speak an additional hour. We do not take
questions during the session due to time constraints but we are available after the
seminar to answer one on one questions. We encourage you to invite as many people
to this training session as possible. Knowledge & training is our best way of preparing
for all emergencies. $ 1,200.00 + travel. Discounts available. Discounts available for
districts with financial limitations.

Safety & Security Team Planning
This seminar is designed for school administration and board members.  This seminar is
designed to provide relevant information for districts who are planning a safety & security
team with unarmed or armed trained staff who will carry on campus.
Cost is $500.00 plus travel.